Reasons To Get A Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

Published: 26th February 2011
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Exercise bikes like the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike may not be as popular as the elliptical bikes or even treadmills. But that does not indicate that the stationary bikes are not still top choices of many who want a gym quality workout at home. An exercise bike is almost a classic and is far more than a fad. Why? Because they are simple to use and highly effective for weight loss and fitness. I have one of these dual action bikes and have had the same bike for almost 20 years and it still goes strong. Here are a few reasons why an AirDyne bike may work better for you than a recumbent of another upright exercise bike.

Durable And Long-Lived

The bikes are something of a classic and as such you could say that the reputation sells the bike but there is more to it than just reputation. It is a simple matter to find owner testimonials all over that report long-term use of these machines with little trouble. Part of that may be that the bikes are built like a tank of welded and stamped steel and are such a stable platform that almost cannot be hurt. Then again, the bikes have just the barest of electronics and the built-in computer on the newer models, missing on the older ones, really just provides feedback on time, distance, workload level, calories burned, calories per hour, heart rate, and RPM. It is not a programmable workout type computer. That means the electronics can all fail and that has no bearing of the continuing to do what it does. It's a rock-solid platform and built rugged and simple so it just keeps working and will do so for a long time. But it works well too as you will often hear too.

Balanced Workout

The Airdyne is really the first dual action stationary bike. That produces a workout for both upper and lower body. That really brings most all the muscles into the picture and that makes for a more balanced exercise that produces results. In fact the good results may partly be because of the real workout for all major muscle groups. See, that is really part of the key to sustainable weight loss... Build muscle and you can increase your basal, or at-rest, metabolism and become a better fat-burner. What's more, since pedaling and pumping the bike turns a big fan, it's a simple matter of just going faster to increase load and slowing down to reduce the load of resistance. It's simple to use and very effective.

Why Not A Cheap Exercise Bike?

These are really quite costly though and so why pick one after all? There is the clear savings from getting a gym type workout without the gym fees and costs. The Air dyne though provides good value partly because of the durability as mentioned and partly too because of the somewhat-unique all-over workout from the dual action design. As for the durability value, when you consider that you likely will not need any other exercise equipment, buying one of these could save as compared to buying a whole series of lesser machines. Then too there is the time savings since you can completely quit looking at what fitness machine to get next.

Compare an exercise bike with an elliptical machine or a treadmill. Just about anybody can use a bike to good effect. Bikes get used in rehab in many cases. Bikes work the big muscle groups well and that makes for a workout with best results and fast results. Both recumbent and upright stationary bikes have pluses and minuses. The Airdyne is somewhat unique partly from the dual action design and partly from it's history of durability and low maintenance. The Schwinn Airdyne bike works well and keeps on going as a dependable way to get a good workout that produces results.

Get our article about the Schwinn Airdyne, a proven design that's worth consideration.

One way to get lots of choices, and all in the not so expensive range, is to look at a Schwinn exercise bike.

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